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Phen24 Testimonials Direct From The Consumers

Phen24 Testimonials Direct From The Consumers

The consumer reviews are the proof of any product effectiveness. The Phen24 pills are the most trusted and one among the old weight loss pills. The Phen24 pills are well tested and there are lots of Phen24 testimonials on the internet here we represent the […]

Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle Change

If you want to lose weight, then you will have to make a lifestyle change, there’s simply no way around it. Sorry. You are going to have to make some changes in your personal habits and you are going to have to stick with those […]

Your Weight Loss Chart to Start Losing Weight Now

Your Weight Loss Chart to Start Losing Weight Now

Fasting, artificial shakes, nasty pills (with even nastier side effects), eliminating vast food groups or eating the same boring meal over and over again? If that’s what it takes to lose weight I’d rather be fat!

Luckily I’ve found a simple plan that you can use to slim down the healthy way.

Life is all about balance so no food groups are taboo, you can even have a bit of a splurge every now and then without derailing your weight loss. In fact it will help you lose weight because when you cut back your food intake your body will try to hold onto excess weight because it thinks you are in ‘famine’ conditions.

Eating extra occasionally will jolt your body out of this, boosting your metabolism and rapidly increasing your weight loss. It also makes your weight loss plan much easier to stick to long term by keeping a bit of fun in your diet.

The weight loss chart provides daily goals for energy intake and activity output, you decide when to push yourself and when to take it easy. Afraid you’ll take the easy option?…..

Don’t be, using our visual weight loss chart you’ll look forward to checking off your achievements and will be motivated to challenge yourself more often.

Is this diet right for you?

It’s Easy to Use

You can still enjoy a healthy balanced diet

Occasional Blow out Days are okay (and even encouraged)

Daily Goals to Motivate You and;

Sustainable Weight Loss

Now we don’t want to give the wrong impression, this weight loss chart is not revolutionary, it’s not based on the latest findings of some obscure scientist from a country no-one has ever heard of, it’s not a secret supplement that has kept the Kalahari Bushmen thin for centuries.

This 100 Day Weight Loss Chart is based on simple weight management principles that work. The habits that keep people slim and healthy for a lifetime.

What is a little different is how we’ve structured the 100 days, by putting the goals into a weight loss chart you can print out and check off daily we make you accountable for your eating and activity levels.

Just as it is really satisfying to mark off a job well done it is very painful to tick off a day where you haven’t met your designated goals.

Can You Buy PhenQ In Stores

Can You Buy PhenQ In Stores

When people don’t see a particular diet product in stores, they often think that the product could not be legitimate or effective. But, just because you cannot buy PhenQ in stores right now does not mean that it isn’t effective and powerful. In fact, many […]

How to Gain Weight Fast – Expert Advice

How to Gain Weight Fast – Expert Advice

The basic elements of muscle building techniques are simple: More calorie intake; Adequate exercise; and Good nutrition. Of course, throughout this process avoiding fat is essential, which means you need proper discipline when implementing these basic techniques supporting your efforts to gain weight fast. Staying […]

Dieting for Weight Loss – Heart Disease Prevention

Dieting for Weight Loss – Heart Disease Prevention

You are not alone, there are thousands of people who are struggling to lose weight just like you. Weve all heard of basic concepts for weight loss such as dieting for weight loss, exercising or even yoga. This article will give you are clear idea about dieting and how it can help you in achieving that thin body youve always admired.

Dieting has many benefits such reducing the risk of heart disease, maintaining low blood sugar levels and obviously weight loss. Although it is important that you understand that dieting does not mean starving yourself or creating deficiencies of food that you will need for the rest of the day. A correct diet includes less carbohydrates and a larger variety of healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, fruit, whole foods and lean meat, all of these help maintain your metabolism rate thus giving you enough energy for the entire day.

What is Coronary Heart Disease?

Coronary heart disease occurs when the bodys arteries are becoming narrower (atherosclerosis), fat deposits can stick on the walls of the arteries and build up over time which results in blood clot.

Heart attack occurs when one of the main arteries to the heart is blocked by a blood clot, thus preventing the heart from receiving oxygen which ultimately damages the heart cells.

Dieting Prevents Coronary Heart Disease

As of yet theres no single pill or vacination that can prevent you from heart disease, the only prevention method is to follow a proper diet and constantly watch what you eat. Diets consisting of high salt foods will cause high blood pressure therefore increasing the chance of heart attack. Fortunately there are certain natural foods that studies prove to prevent heart disease wholegrain cereals, nuts, fruits, legumes and vegetables can help prevent heart disease.

List of top heart disease preventing foods:

Certain Vegetable oils canola, olive, corn, soy and safflower oils have omega-3 fatty acids which helps by decreasing LDL-cholesterol, which is why these oils are preferred over saturated fats.

Fruits and Vegetables both fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of antioxidants, these help to protect against heart disease. They also consist of folate, folate help lower amino acid homocysteine blood levels which studies show to have a link with heart disease.

Tea – studies show that tea has a high amount of antioxidants which help prevent blockage in the arteries, these antioxidants are also useful for clearing off plaques and fatty deposits which is already attached to the arteries.

Foods with Vitamin E foods which contain a lot of Vitamin E has shown to be effective in preventing heart disease as the body treats them as antioxidants which can be used to clear blockages in the arteries. Some foods which contain a high source of Vitamin E are: avocados, vegetables, vegetable oils and a variety of whole grain foods. It is also recommended that you consume natural sources of Vitamin E not from supplements because they wont provide the same benefits.

Garlic – a compound known as Allicin can be found in garlic which studies have shown to help in reducing blood cholesterol.

Foods with Plant Sterol plant sterol has shown to be very effective for people with diabetes as a daily intake of 2-3g of phytosterols/stanols can lower LDL-cholesterol levels by 10%. These plant sterols can be found in a variety of foods such as margarine, low fat yoghurts, milk, cereals and green tea.

When dieting it is important that you avoid eating fast foods and processed foods which contain little to no vegetables. Prefer to eat low-fat or no fat dairy products, eat more natural foods such as vegetables and fruit directly instead of through fruit drinks. Add more legumes to your diet, they taste great and have numerous benefits. Consider eating a daily amount of raw nuts without the added salt, such as walnuts or almonds.

Dieting Helps With Weight Loss

Weve all heard that fat is bad for our body, although do not be misled into believing that all fats are bad for you. Omega-3 Fat is one of the most essential fats that our body needs, some call it the miracle fat as it provides numerous benefits for ones body.

There is only one simple formula for weight loss and that is if you use more energy than you consume then it results in weight loss (energy consumption energy usage = weight loss or weight gain), similarly if your energy consumption is higher than your energy usage then you will gain more weight. Its a simple fact that everyone knows but never realise. Less energy consumption doesnt mean eat less, it just means eat at a balanced rate, preferably less than your willing to workout.

Dont skip meals, less energy consumption doesnt mean you should skip meals to eat less, when you skip meals your metabolism rate is significantly slow down which means your not burning enough energy. It is also noted that people who skip meals tend to eat a lot more when they have the next meal, this happens because your metabolism rate has sunken so low and you feel hungrier than you really are.

Then finally the most effective yet hardest problem to overcome is your habits. If you really want dieting to work for you then you will have to rid yourself of some bad habits. Many people have the habit of eating a lot at night times, social eating, eating food while watching television. These habits are the main cause of you not losing weight, after a weeks worth of dieting and working out you might be disappointed when you see your weight scale because you dont know what you did wrong.

These habits are sometimes at a subconscious level and many dont even notice them. For example, while your watching the news you dont realize how much your actually eating because your not concentrating on your food rather the television set, then when you realize that youve finished eating you dont feel satisfied with the meal and tend to eat more to supplement the desire. This is a known problem among hundreds of thousands of people across the world. If you can discipline yourself to stop following these bad habits once and for all then you will be much happier the next time you take your measurement using a calculator.

As you may notice, dieting has many benefits for weight loss and even helps prevent heart disease which could save your life in the future. After reading this article you now understand the correct way to change your lifestyle and if you really desire to lose weight and live longer then you will get started from today, not tommorow or next week but take action now!

Best Supplements for Muscle Gain

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How to Lose Weight Fast & Easy

How to Lose Weight Fast & Easy

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Yoga for Beginners – How To Get Started Now

Yoga for Beginners – How To Get Started Now

For those of us looking to start a yoga workout regiment, we expect that yoga for beginners can give us the basics we need to learn and provide a disciplined, yet soothing way of exercising. Yoga for beginners gives an opportunity to create a new lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable in the long run. People starting out in yoga tend to overlook some of the extremely important basics. Yoga for beginners involves learning about the various types of yoga, as well as basic movements, postures, and meditations, in addition to breathing techniques needed in yoga.

Yoga, defined as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, encompasses breath control, simple meditation, in tandem with meaningful bodily postures that enhance health and relaxation. Flexibility and endurance are also part of the training of yoga for beginners. Once you learn basic poses, you find that the challenge is in creating a new life based on the essence of yoga practice, which is a rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul. It is a bodily meditation to practice each new day of your life.

Popular Types of Yoga for Beginners

Here are the most popular yoga types every beginner should know about for a rejuvenating experience and transformative workout:

Hatha yoga for beginners is slow-paced and gentle providing a good introduction to the wide range of basic yoga poses and postures.

Ashtanga, also known as power yoga, is not meant to be yoga for beginners as it is fast-paced and intense.

Karma yoga for beginners introduces the “discipline of action” from the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Sanskrit scripture of Hinduism.

Hot / Bikram yoga for beginners is practiced in a 95 to 100 degree room, which loosens tight muscles and cleanses the body through profuse sweating.

Vinyasa yoga for beginners is more vigorous where all the yoga movements are matched to the breathing.

The basic movements of yoga for beginners may be challenging to some students new to this type of workout and easy for others with a background in Pilates and stretch aerobics.

Yoga for Beginners – Top 10 Basic Yoga Poses

Ten basic poses have to be learned by all new yoga practitioners, and these are:

Lotus – Promotes Balance and Harmony

Cobra – Removes Tension from the Spine and Strengthens Abdomen and Buttocks

Triangle – Trims the Waistline and Releases Tension in Back & Neck

Twist – Releases Tension and Promotes Spinal Flexibility

Plough – Promotes Spinal Flexibility, Muscle Relaxation, and Improves Organ Functions

Fish – Loosens Shoulders and Hip Joints

Locust – Strengthens Abdomen, Buttocks, and Lower Back

Knee and Thigh Stretch Pose – Firms the Thighs and Promotes Flexibility

Shoulder Stand – Promotes Circulation in Chest and Neck

Deep Relaxation – Invigorates Body and Mind with Meditation

Learning these basic yoga moves and practicing them on a regular basis allows you to rediscover your potential on a number of levels, including your emotional, mental, and physical health. The old adage ‘practice makes perfect’ applies in yoga as yoga practice makes for a perfectly balanced center of energy within the body and the mind, allowing your spirit to re-align with your true core.

Classic postures in yoga for beginners include the mountain pose, the balance posture, the back stretch, a simple chest expansion, and the leg clasp. These yoga postures, necessary for relaxation, help newcomers learn how to stretch their muscles while keeping their balance and breathing deeply to enhance their capacity for flexibility and exactness in movement.

The main purpose of yoga movements is to eliminate stress from your body and mind. You should ask yourself how you react to the stress factors in your life. Generally, people have 3 types of reactions to stress: 1) Overexcited with apparent agitation and angry moods; 2) Under excited with depressive feelings and a withdrawn attitude; and 3) Frozen state of both overexcitement and under reaction at the same time, rendering you helpless and insecure. Yoga can help you to stabilize your moods and become more balanced, learning to react to stress and the challenges of life in a more centered manner. The use of meditation in yoga allows your mind to clear, your body to function in synch with your purpose, and your spirit to reach an overall balance.

Meditations in yoga for beginners teach practitioners how to deal with every day stress, imbalance of spirit, as they learn to strengthen their bodies, naturally flexing muscles and contracting joints. Yoga for beginners can allow you to use meditation for the purpose of flexibility of mind and body, energy renewal, a higher awareness of the connection between the body, mind, and soul, as well as the ability to achieve relaxation and calm. Yoga for beginners, not only teaches new yoga practitioners to use the body effectively, but also allows for energy renewal. While meditation is the practiced art of mindfulness and purposeful living, yoga is the portal to a greater awareness of energy connections. The more you understand how energy is transferred through the mind to the body and how the spirit reacts, the more centered and aware you become.

Yoga for Beginners – Breathing Techniques

Yoga for beginners teaches you proper breathing techniques. These 4 powerful breathing techniques provide greater ability and strength of concentration when practicing yoga:

Deep Breathing – Helps You Regain and Maintain Good Health

The Easy Breath – Develops a Slow and Steady Breathing Rhythm

Simple Breath – Introduces the Basic Stages to Master:

The Inhalation

The Held-In Breath

The Exhalation

The Held-Out Breath

Tiger Breath – Helps Open Up the Lungs

The latter type of breathing is performed on hands and knees, placing the yoga practitioner in the optimal position for improving breathing capacity. Yoga for beginners focuses on effective breathing techniques to allow new practitioners the opportunity to concentrate on the potential of each breath, and how breathing re-energizes the body and stimulates the mind.

The best part about yoga for beginners is having the chance to completely change your life in a positive and transformative manner. Yoga for beginners allows practitioners to take the time required to explore their inner world and reveal their emotional, mental, and physical strength.

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