Best Supplements for Muscle Gain

Have you been looking for the best supplements for muscle gain? Finding the best supplements for muscle gain is not such a difficult task, but you do need to follow the right advice by experts in the field of natural bodybuilding. Some of the experts you might want to follow include professional personal trainers and competition experts such as Kim Oddo and Mike Davies; and IFBB Pro Figure and fitness athletes like Corry Mathews and Jenny Gates, in addition to nutritional pro experts like Hugo Rivera. Make certain you do your own research on them, but first read below for a quick summary of everything you need to know on the best supplements for muscle gain.

Here are some very basic tips to keep in mind as you find out more about the best supplements for muscle gain. First, you have to follow a guide to muscle building. Second, you need to use the best supplements on the market. Natural bodybuilding does not have to contradict using organic or natural supplements. Third, you have to know about the 5 most important foods for fast bodybuilding, and use them on a daily basis. Naturally, what you do on a daily basis becomes a part of you, so the foods you consume on a consistent basis are a part of your makeup. Remember, the old adage, ‘you are what you eat’. Well, in the case of body building, ‘you are the supplements you use’. So, choose carefully and do your research. Fourth, you have to know and set your priorities using tips and techniques provided by experts who know about the best supplements for muscle gain, and maybe even double check with your fitness trainer. And fifth, you should take a look at the top 10 best supplements for muscle gain, and learn how they can help you build and maintain a fit, healthy, and superbly pumped physique.

Before you begin your search for the best supplements for muscle gain, you must have an overall understanding and guidance to building muscle. Any good guide and trainer can educate you on these 6 essentials:

Workout Equipment: Most important under this category are blood pressure and heart rate monitors, in addition to home gyms and strength equipment;

Workout Accessories: You need belts and gloves, as well as straps, wraps, hooks and grips, as well as shakers, mixers, and bottles to stay hydrated and on the ball;

Vitamins and Supplements: You to look into sports nutrition, which will include protein intake, vitamins and minerals you need for muscle growth;

Healthy Snacks and Foods: You must eat Low Carb foods, along with protein bars, healthy chips and cereals, as well as desserts too. Make sure to enjoy your dessert time. Keeping a low stress level is great for muscle contraction and building a lean body. Bulky bodies are not so attractive and do not often win prizes if you are thinking of going into bodybuilding competition.

Fitness clothing and accessories;

Bath and Body: Care for your face, hair, skin, and teeth.

The next step is then to find the best supplements for muscle gain which will be right for your specific goals and body type. If you are a woman body builder, you should also note that the best supplements for muscle gain made for men may not have the same effect for you.

A word of warning before we reveal the best supplements for muscle gain: avoid the use of synthetic anabolic steroids and human growth hormones as they can have long term ill effects on your health, in addition to being prohibited drugs if you’re competing in bodybuilding events. Another important piece of advice is to make certain that the supplements you do use are not harmful to your health in any way, as different people have differing health needs. Now, the top 10 best supplements for muscle gain are as follows: Protein Powder; Fish Oils; Meal Replacements; Joint Health Supplements; Multi-

Vitamin / Mineral; Creatine; Prohormones; Nitric Oxide Supplements; Thermogenics; and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). Before you run out to get the best supplements for muscle gain, consult with your trainer and make sure they are essential for your specific bodybuilding goals.

Best Supplements for Muscle Gain – Top 5 Foods & Supplements

Here are the 5 most important foods and the best supplements for muscle gain that you can use right now:

High Protein Foods include range-fed or game beef, Cornish hen, skinless chicken breast, Deli and skinless turkey breast, quail, duck, goose, emu, leanest cuts of beef and pork, well-trimmed leg of lamb, bison, rabbit, and chopped cuts of veal, in addition to most fish, seafood, nuts, seeds, egg whites, and plain eggs.

Protein Shakes such as protein bars, whey and casein protein shakes, egg protein shakes, soy protein shakes and bars, hemp and blended protein shakes.


Complex Carb and healthy fats that help your body produce testosterone, a major body building hormone.

Meal Replacement shakes are good if you do not have time to prepare your own meals. And these extra supplements, which are not essential, but may help you build muscle fast: Glutamine (for protein), BCAAs (reduces cortisol that is a bad hormone), Creatine (boosts energy), and Multi-vitamins.

To maintain your health, you should always double check the information you receive regarding the best supplements for muscle gain to make sure that your fitness trainer and nutritionist.

Your journey towards a complete change of your body shape and look is about to begin. You should know about and explore for yourself these 6 secrets of expert body builders:

Calories: It is extremely important to consume more calories than you burn. This is the fundamental law driving any muscle building program. If you do not consume enough calories, each day, you will not be able to build and grow muscle, no matter how hard you train.

Right Calories: You must eat the right type of calories, which are formed from eating foods in the following categories: High Quality Protein, High Fiber and Low Glycemic Carbohydrates, and Healthy Unsaturated Fats. Make certain that you are training hard while you eat all these proteins, as you do not want to get bulky before you start training. Stay lean and healthy, but know that muscle growth requires a healthy appetite.

Water: It is imperative to drink more water while you are training as it increases your muscle contractions, thereby helping fast muscle growth.

Progress: Keep track of your progress in bodybuilding by having a detailed record of your exercise routine and outcome of each daily workout.

Training: You absolutely must resolve yourself to train hard, and this means you should use a technique called Concentric Muscular Failure training.

Over Training: Avoid over training as your body needs lots and lots of rest. In fact, during rest time is precisely when muscle growth happens.

Some of this advice is pretty straight forward and simple. But the real secret rests in your ability to apply these techniques by taking consistent action based on these secret tips. Ultimately, your performance relates to how well you are able to stay consistent and work through your emotional, mental, and psychological makeup, all aspects that will affect the results of your body building program.

While the best supplements for muscle gain are easy to find, you have to keep in mind that you are an individual with specific goals and needs that may not match other bodybuilders. The best supplements for muscle gain are out there, but you have to consult with your coach, trainer, and nutritional expert to make sure that the supplements and vitamins you use are right for your body type and gender, and above all your goals as a bodybuilder.