Body Weight vs. Weight Training?

I have a confession. About a year and a half ago I drank the crossfit kool-aid. I was obsessed with it! I mean, I was the person that they make fun of in all those buzzfeed videos. Well maybe not that bad but still. I would anxiously wait the night before to see what the WOD (workout of the day) would be and tell anyone who would listen what I had lifted that day and how fast I did it. I would brag about how fast I was improving and my poor husband had to hear about it the most. Sorry babe! Im not dissing on crossfit (ok, maybe a little), I think it can be right for certain people but not most people. Thats for another post though.

The point of this post is to discuss my personal opinion about using weights vs. body weight. When I was doing crossfit I noticed that my traps (trapezius-the muscles extending from your neck to your shoulders) were getting bigger, I was gaining weight and my arms were getting slightly bigger but not toned. After doing a little research, I figured out that crossfit was the cause.

Those things arent necessarily bad but they weret my goals so I decided to stop crossfit. It was a great decision and I havent looked back since. While I was pregnant and since then, Ive been strictly doing body weight exercises with the exception of 3lb dumbbells I use for some upper body exercises. Since making the switch to body weight exercises a year ago Ive noticed a few things:

I have NO excuse to not workout.

Bodyweight exercises can help with muscle imbalances, as can dumbbells

My workouts translate more to the needs of my daily life

You can increase the intensity just as much without having to go big

I can workout half the amount of time and get the same results

It takes a different kind of strength to be able to move your bodyweight vs. a static weight

Im sure there are scientific results out there somewhere proving that bodyweight exercises are better and another study showing that theyre worse. Thats life, pros and cons. But this is what works best for me right now so I thought Id share. Heres a link to a post I found written by someone more qualified than me that explains her opinion better.

Id love to hear your thoughts!