Your Weight Loss Chart to Start Losing Weight Now

Fasting, artificial shakes, nasty pills (with even nastier side effects), eliminating vast food groups or eating the same boring meal over and over again? If that’s what it takes to lose weight I’d rather be fat!

Luckily I’ve found a simple plan that you can use to slim down the healthy way.

Life is all about balance so no food groups are taboo, you can even have a bit of a splurge every now and then without derailing your weight loss. In fact it will help you lose weight because when you cut back your food intake your body will try to hold onto excess weight because it thinks you are in ‘famine’ conditions.

Eating extra occasionally will jolt your body out of this, boosting your metabolism and rapidly increasing your weight loss. It also makes your weight loss plan much easier to stick to long term by keeping a bit of fun in your diet.

The weight loss chart provides daily goals for energy intake and activity output, you decide when to push yourself and when to take it easy. Afraid you’ll take the easy option?…..

Don’t be, using our visual weight loss chart you’ll look forward to checking off your achievements and will be motivated to challenge yourself more often.

Is this diet right for you?

It’s Easy to Use

You can still enjoy a healthy balanced diet

Occasional Blow out Days are okay (and even encouraged)

Daily Goals to Motivate You and;

Sustainable Weight Loss

Now we don’t want to give the wrong impression, this weight loss chart is not revolutionary, it’s not based on the latest findings of some obscure scientist from a country no-one has ever heard of, it’s not a secret supplement that has kept the Kalahari Bushmen thin for centuries.

This 100 Day Weight Loss Chart is based on simple weight management principles that work. The habits that keep people slim and healthy for a lifetime.

What is a little different is how we’ve structured the 100 days, by putting the goals into a weight loss chart you can print out and check off daily we make you accountable for your eating and activity levels.

Just as it is really satisfying to mark off a job well done it is very painful to tick off a day where you haven’t met your designated goals.